Al Erikson has owned dogs as family pets for the past 30 years. Eight years ago he got George, a Rat Terrier, as a puppy.  George was a very active little guy who needed something to do.   George and Al discovered the joys of playing Frisbee together.  They started going to small local play days and contests.   Al observed that many of the Frisbee / Disc dog competitors were not just people out there throwing for their dogs to retrieve but were  good dog trainers.  A number of the competitors were professional dog trainers.  As a retired engineer,  Al decided to dedicate his time to learn and understand the  practice of dog training.  This involved hours of volunteer work at the San Diego Humane Society.  Al entered the PetSmart training program and was employed  for 4 years training puppies and family dogs.
Meanwhile Al worked with George and developed him into a  3 time World Champion small Disc Dog, 2 Time western Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Flying disc Dog Champion, and many other titles.  Al now has 3 more Disc Dogs at the Why Dogs Fly ranch,  including his new pup Fred.  In addition to competitions and training, the team offers K9 entertainment shows.  The team has been in show business for 5 years.