Team Members


George-Team-400x600George is a rat terrier and the anchor of the Why Dogs Fly team.  He brought to life Why Dogs Fly with his never ending energy and playful entertaining drive.  George came to Al as a puppy with non stop antics.  It was obvious that this dog needed a job and he decided that it would be chasing the flying disc.  George is a 3 time Skyhoundz Micro Dog Frisbee world champion and 2 time western region Flying Disc Dog Champion of the  Purina Incredible Dog Challenge.


Gracie-Team--400x600Gracie is our red McNab and a valuable asset to the team.  Not only is Gracie an accomplished disc dog competitor but she is the charm of the Why Dogs Fly team.  The crowd never tires of seeing her graceful waltz toward Al as they begin their freestyle routine.  At the end of the show Gracie shows her “people” skills with gracious greetings around the edges of the field.  Everyone feels important when Gracie’s attention is on them.


Fred is the baby of the family. He is a McNab, born in November 2011 and arrived on the ranch in January 2012.We are excited over his enthusiasm and drive to play.  He won 1st place in a 2013 Skyhoundz local competition. It was Fred’s first time as a competitor in the open level division which included a freestyle routine. He has proven to be a great toss and catch competitor with frequent winnings. We are excited to see where he leads us.


Fred-Team-400x600Abby-Team-Photo-400x600Our newest team recruit is a 4 year old lab/cattle dog mix. Abby joined our home and the team in 2013.Abby has proven herself to be a true champion competitor in the world of disc dog sports, frequently winning in the toss and catch categories, Abby has earned her place in the World finals. Freesyle disc play and training is now one of her favorite activities, although dock diving in the Why Dogs Fly pool is her passion, especially in the summer. In fact we upgraded our diving pool from 27 ft to 41 ft to accommodate Abby’s desire.