Booking Requirements

We prefer to perform our show  on a grass field.  . The team prefers to stay in the van while awaiting their turn to perform.   The  Van is driven directly onto the show field.  The set up includes setting up fencing around the perimeter of the show field with the Van on one side for the team and the PA system.  The other 3 sides are available for spectators.  We typically arrive 1 1/2 – 2 hours before show time for set up and will require about 1 hour after the show to break down and pack up.  The typical show is about 30 minutes.


Our best field set up is on an area of approximately 60 feet x 100 feet with the Why Dogs Fly show Van Parked on one of the 100 foot sides.  Additional space is required for your spectators.

If your allowed space does not meet our requirements,  adjustments may be made.   We will need to know the space and venue that you are considering.  Why Dogs Fly has successfully made adjustments to the show and has performed indoors as well as on stage.  Each situation will need to be evaluated for safety of the spectators, performers, and show integrity.